Turning the Corner…

My goals when I started working as a Vision Therapist did not include becoming the best. Honestly, I’m not even sure that back then I knew what being “the best” really meant. Truth be told, my early days as a therapist were more about the paycheck than any speck of vocational quality. So much so that when I reflect back on my attitude and approach in say the first year, I can’t help but feel embarrassed. But that was then.

 Today, I do not consider myself among “the best”, quite the contrary in fact. But I am happy to admit that in the 12 plus years since this journey began, my perspective has changed quite drastically. Perhaps with age and maturity has come a true appreciation for the gravity and importance of my craft.  Perhaps its due to the gift of knowledge given to me the many giants that have allowed me to stand on their shoulders.  No matter the reason, I feel like I have turned the proverbial corner and it’s time to grab the torch and start running – faster – so I’ve chosen to share some of my journey by venturing into the blogosphere!!



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  1. Many of us have walked a similar path – I went to interview for a position as a dental chair assistant and the office was that of Dr. Tole Greenstein, a well known developmental optometrist. After I apologized for my mistake, he showed me around his office and talked about vision training (a foreign language to me). Two days later, his wife called and asked if I would come to work the following day. I said “Yes”, having no idea what form this work would take. After 2 days in the office, my lifelong love of Behavioral Optometry was firmly in place. I will always be grateful for that “mistake”.


  2. I originally went to work as a volunteer (ie “go-fer”) in an office that did VT because I had a friend that worked there and I needed something to do with my spare time. Now 38 years later……


  3. 25 years ago I started working for Drs. Sidney and David Hays as a part time front desk receptionist. They were doing some weird things in a back room with a trampoline and strange things with 4 lenses in it that they flipped while using red and green glasses and striped acetate. I was hooked!! I read everything I could find in the office about what they were doing and bothered Dr. Sid on his lunch hours. I went and saw Diana Ludlam in her office and started to go to a place in Oregon called Yachats. My life will never be the same again!! Thank-you to Diana, Linda Sanet, Bobbie Mansfeild, the late Etta Rowley, Kama Hunter and other fantastic therapists who were so sharing with what we all do, as well as the late Dr. Sid Hays, Dr. Nancy Torgeson, and all the optometrists who have taught and inspired us to be therapists!!


    • Dear LeAnn,
      Thank you for bringing back the memories of Yachats. That was a wonderful time for me – the learning, the sharing, the friendship and such good food! I remember asking myself every day how I had gotten so lucky!
      warmest regards,


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