a pleasant surprise…

So I did it.  I have given up soda for good. That 4 to 5 soda a day habit…..done.

Those of you who know me personally probably just fell off your chairs. Sorry about that! Before you run out to sell your stock in Coca Cola though, try to remain upright long enough to continue reading. It gets better!

For so long I have been asking patients to take a healthy approach during VT by limiting sugar/dairy/wheat intake.  I don’t pretend to understand the physiology or influences these three items have on focus, thought and energy, but time and time again I have witnessed first hand the improvements when a balance in the body is reached. Get healthy and feel better to think better. Novel, right?

In September, a dear friend of mine fell very ill, and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is 28. Luckily he lives in Houston and has access to one the finest cancer treatment hospitals in the nation, and perhaps the world, in M.D. Anderson.  After surgery and two rounds of chemo, his prognosis is favorable and has begun a long road to recovery.  Not long after his surgery, I visited Logan the hospital with the expectations of finding a sad, depressed and painful shell of a friend. Boy was I wrong! Instead, I found a spry, witty, sarcastic and silly man who was loving life and telling everyone within earshot that he was feeling great, despite all evidence to the contrary. Embracing his new found energy and perhaps feeling like he had been given a second chance at living, Logan used his new found platform and laid a challenge at my feet.  Get healthy. Give up soda. A little back story –  Logan did VT with me when I first moved to Texas, which is how we met – my mantra to him was always give up the drive-thru cheeseburgers and Dr. Pepper and maybe thinking and understanding life will be easier.  Now that he was through the looking glass, he decided to turn my words on me. It worked. How could I possibly say no?

So as of October 1st, I have been soda free. Virtually overnight I went from a 4 to 5 soda a day habit to just a few cups of coffee in the morning.  I haven’t lost my mind completely yet, so I still drink the caffeine.  Aside from losing 14 pounds in the last six weeks, something else pretty amazing has happened.  I used to experience “brain fog” in the afternoons. Between 3pm and 5pm I could feel like a zombie on any given day.  My solution was always drink more soda. Since caffeine is a stimulant, I figured it couldn’t hurt, right?  Wrong again.

Being ignorant on the physiology side of things as I said, I couldn’t identify what processes have changed in my body.  What I can tell you is I feel great, the brain fog is gone, my ability to sustain energy throughout the day is so much greater than it was before I took this leap, my patience level has increased (I’m not an irritable person but I have my moments), and my ability to focus and think clearly and linearly has improved dramatically.Get healthy and feel better to think better…..who would have thought what I was telling patients would actually be good for me??

Talk about practicing what you preach…

Thanks Logan.

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  1. Robert:

    If you need a laugh…..I am at that lovely age for colonoscopies so last Nov. my doc scheduled me and advised that I actually WORK the day before, but simply drink one 8 ounce drink every hour to pre-hydrate myself, since the stuff they give you to cleanse everything is dehydrating. I went to the grocery and stocked up on my favs….green and herbal teas, juices, Gatorade, jello and chicken broth. Other than having to excuse myself occasionally, it was great….I couldn’t BELIEVE how energetic I felt and no afternoon fog that I often get as well! I should tell you that I’m a couple cups a day coffee addict, and forget to drink water, though soda isn’t a habit for me. The take-home from this is that when hydrated, I felt SOOO much better! I’m trying to gradually change to green/herbal teas and water rather than coffee and it really does help, but wow I had no idea what a habit coffee is for me. Morning coffee is still non-negotiable. I’m sending all my encouragement to you in your soda fight…..habits take effort to break…..and we should all know this, right????HAHAHA Jenni Roeber, COVT Basalt CO


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