A Pat On the Back…

Well it’s that time of year again – time to turn in those Open Book Questions.  I know many aspiring COVT’s out there are working hard to meet the deadlines while their mentors are working hard to help guide them.  Personally, I’ve been up late the last few nights trying to keep up with my mentoring duties, and honestly, I love doing it!

Over the last few years, it seems that most candidates I speak to have the same questions, and most have the same fears.  Am I ready?  What’s this going to be like? Are my answers good enough?

While you have a mentor to help with your specific process, I’d like to offer a few global ideas that I hope will help you through certification:

  • This is designed to be a learning process – You should try to approach it as a college course where you have an idea what the class is about in the beginning, but will not fully understand the concepts until the course is complete. Every step of the process should teach you new ideas and provide greater understanding of many concepts.
  • Lean on your mentor – that’s why we’re here.  I often will tell people I’m mentoring that it will stress me out MORE if they don’t ask. Truly there is no such thing as a stupid question – if you need help understanding, then ask.
  • Be open to revisions – one of the hardest parts of mentoring for me is not trying to make your paper, my paper. I’m sure all mentors suffer from this at some point.  Remember though that at times communication of our ideas can be difficult.  So please be patient.
  • Discussion is OK – I doubt there are any mentors out there pretending to be perfect.  If we make suggestions that you don’t agree with or understand, please discuss it with us.  Honestly, it’s an opportunity for all of us to learn.
  • You are ready – If you meet the requirements set forth by COVD, then you are ready to enter the process.  You have three years to complete once you sign up, which is plenty of time to work on and revise your Open Book Questions, study for the Written test, and sit for the Oral Exams.
  • Be Realistic with Yourself –  Certification takes a commitment of time and effort. If you can commit both in one year, then fantastic.  If it takes you three years, then that’s great too. We all work and learn at our own pace, just like our patients. Make sure you choose a pace that is best for you.

I want to close this post with a BIG PAT ON THE BACK for all mentors and candidates.  You don’t get to be a COVT candidate by being a slouch, so be proud of yourself.  You’re almost there!

Happy Tuesday!!


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