doing the right thing…

One of my newest patients in Vision Therapy is a teenage boy with exotropia.  He is a charming young man, who has led a less than charmed life, through no fault of his own.  Born into a single parent household, he didn’t meet his biological father until he was almost a teenager.  As the story goes, his parents dated for about three months, and he was the product of their fleeting romance.  He has had trouble in school, trouble at home, experimented with drugs, and by his own admission, has very few friends due to an anxiety in social situations. Adding to his challenges, his eye turn is greater than 40 diopters – a cosmetic anomaly that he is very self conscious of – and he is travelling through those daunting “awkward” teenage years. So, to say he has it rough, may be a bit of an understatement.

Now for the good part of his story…

His dad didn’t even know he existed until a few years ago.  Imagine receiving that surprising phone call.  Rather than channel his energy towards my patient’s mother for keeping a secret for so long, his dad chose a different path. Love and support.  See, dad lives about 200 miles outside of Austin, and three times a week, makes the drive in after work to see his son for an hour or two in the evening.  Then makes the 3 1/2 hour drive home.  He also has adjusted his work schedule, which has allowed him to work some Saturdays, and take 1/2 a day off during the week.  That afternoon is spent driving 200 miles to participate in his son’s Vision Therapy and Psychology visits – both of which, dad pays for 100% out of pocket – and then drives home after dinner. He also makes the 7 hour round trip every Sunday to spend a very cherished 45 minute church service with his son. This man has completely rearranged his life to not just be a dad, but to be a father. His love for his son is incredible.

In my life, I have always tried to choose the high road, no matter the circumstances or the challenge of a situation. Integrity and honor have always been important, and I am so impressed when other people display these qualities, especially when an alternate path clearly would be easier.  This father is under no legal obligation to participate in his son’s life  financially, emotionally, or otherwise.  He does seem to have a moral obligation though – one that he meets handsomely. Bravo!

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  1. What a great testament to fatherly love! I hope you are doing well with a challenging VT case. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.


    • Robert Nurisio COVT

      Thanks, Diana. His case is difficult, and will take some time for improvement. He definitely has the support system in place though! 🙂


    • Robert: This was the best news in my day! Certainly this commitment on Dad’s part has to say a great deal to this teen about how much he is loved and valued. That realization will go a long way toward his progress in so many areas. Thanks for sharing. Jenni


      • Robert Nurisio

        Thanks, Jenni. His dad is pretty amazing, all things considered. Definitely sets the bar high for the rest of us!


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