an honest discourse…follow up

Dear Friends ~ a quick reminder that the opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone.  They are in no way associated with, or influenced by, anyone else.  It is my choice to exercise my right to free speech, and do so publicly.  These are simply my honest perceptions of my Vision Therapy world.

A few years ago, there was an attempt by a group of therapists to form a “union” of sorts, exclusive to Vision Therapists.  The effort came under intense scrutiny and eventually lost steam. The advertised goal of the movement was to seek credentialing without the support of any current organized Optometric body, and explore running clinics away from OD’s. In my opinion, efforts like that demonstrate the negative and “rogue” path that should be avoided, yet they will continue to manifest in the absence of transparent and continued forward progress.  My post was in no way an attempt to rekindle those fires, or encourage such efforts. Quite the contrary.  It was to speak out on the need for change and the need to work together to guarantee Vision Therapy reaches as many people as possible.

I have received both positive and negative feedback from my post.  My ultimate goal is to open a dialogue so change can happen with the proper leadership, and in the proper manner.  Agreed that it will be a long and arduous process, but is certainly not beyond possibility, and I am hopeful it can happen in my lifetime.

For those people who feel I was taking a cheap shot at our profession, or perhaps casting negative shadows, I sincerely apologize. Hopefully, it is now evident that is not my intent. I am passionate about my craft, and will do everything in my power to reach as many people as possible. ~ Robert


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