The Proof is in The Pudding… and The Problem is in The Paradigm


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The effects of every brain injury, brain disease, or any brain “irregularity” are different. While brain research has found certain functions to be strongly correlated with certain structures within the brain, the wiring of neurons within those structures are different in each individual. This connection matrix of neurons, also referred to as “connectome”, is not static: it changes. In fact, the wiring of neurons can change within hours (Sporns, Tononi and Kotter: And because the functionality of the brain is so dependent on that wiring, it is very difficult, and arguably impossible using our current technology, to find effective therapies for brain injuries or disease under the research methods employed by western medicine.

The paradigm that is used to draw conclusions by western medicine is dependent upon double blind, placebo controlled studies involving consistent…

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  1. Thank you for posting this link Robert. One important point that Cavin makes is that “identical” brain injuries do not show up in the same way in everyone. This is something I find that many outside of our field do not understand, and many of our patients are done great injustice because of this.
    At the gym, I use the elliptical machine when it is available. There is a TV set up nearby that is constantly tuned to a channel that broadcasts live court room trials. Most recently the legal team for a young woman on trial for murder is putting forth the argument that she was severely abused by the man she murdered and suffers from PTSD. The station employs a commentator, a PhD in psychology, who by virtue of this degree is an “expert in everything” cerebral. If I told you his name, you would recognize it!
    This psychologist has repeatedly stated that “if she REALLY had PTSD, she would have (or would not have) done……”
    I am not taking one side or another, but it makes me crazy to hear his comments. (My hunch is that the station has a vested interest in making this young woman appear non-sympathetic.)


    • Robert Nurisio COVT

      Thanks for the feedback, Linda. Cavin is a very lucky man, a very good writer, and has a hilarious personality. It really has been fun getting know him. Incidentally, he spent some years in New York City – in fact that is where his TBI occurred – before moving to Austin. He has that NY edge that I really enjoy 🙂


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