for Boston…

This past weekend, I prepared my next blog posting, which I had planned to finish editing and publish this morning.  But for now, it will have to wait. My heart and mind are elsewhere…

After the events of yesterday, my thoughts are with the people in Boston, who were devastated by yet another senseless tragedy.  Many of us work with children who may have questions about what happened, and why.  Being a parent, I understand how difficult it can be to explain these things, without creating undue or unwanted stress, in their otherwise innocent hearts.  Discussing a “watered down” version is never easy, and at times, perhaps our instincts instruct us to keep our children oblivious to some happenings of the world.  If nothing else, trying to show them a silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud, may be the best – yet most difficult – option.

In that spirit, I’d like to offer you these two short videos.  Some great advice from Mr. Rogers on how to help children understand.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Tuesday.


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  1. Dear Robert
    Thank you for writing this. Our hearts are breaking and it is very difficult to understand how men can be so cruel to others. We are sending our healing thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected in any way from this terrible tragedy.


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