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CavinMy friend Cavin, who suffered a Diffuse Axonal Injury after falling from scaffolding in 2011, maintains a blog detailing his recovery.  Cavin’s eloquent and gritty articulation style – mixed in with a quirky sense of humor –  provides a raw perspective on the physical, emotional, and neurological aspects of recovering from a TBI.  Even after working with many patients whom have suffered from a TBI, Cavin’s  writing has provided  a unique knowledge and perspective that has become very useful for my treating future patients.


In Cavin’s words…Cavin2

On the one year anniversary of my brain injury, I began posting about where I was one year ago on the anniversary of each important event as they happened. This story is that of the year that followed this brain injury. As I got better, my friends began to call me “Mr. Bounce” after the old Roger Hargreaves children’s book because I seemed to “bounce right back!” I did not bounce though… It’s a haul, not a bounce. There is no undoing a brain injury. I work to spread awareness about TBI and to help other survivors, their friends, and their families. These are my adventures in brain injury!

Please consider his latest


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