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Tang Crossed

All of our patients are special.  They all have their own unique story and their own unique set of circumstances that brought them to us.  Every once is a while though, we come across a patient whom we connect with a little differently, and dare I say better, than the rest.  For me, Tang is one of those kids. I first wrote about him back in February.  He was adopted from China when he was five years old, was completely deaf, had no language base due to very little communication in this orphanage, and to say his visual attention and ocular motor skills were poor would be a gross understatement.  His mom confessed to me that they had tried to teach him American Sign Language with only moderate success, and at times their communication was improvisation and charades.  When we first met, he had much trouble maintaining fixation, portrayed very little confidence about himself, was unable to attend to a task longer than 10 seconds, and was extremely camera shy.  In fact, my first suggestion back in March of taking his picture for our office scrap book brought tears to his eyes.

Since my original post in February, he has had weekly visits in our office.  He’s also received an updated processor which connects to his cochlear implant, that was put in place late last year. The combination of these two interventions has brought new life to his little world. Last month, Tang came in for his visit with a surprise for the staff.  He had fixed his hair, and was ready to have his photo taken for our scrapbook, which is above.

Because of his challenges, we have developed a unique style for Tang’s VT program.  Someone once told me that at times I would learn more from my patients than they ever learn from me. Tang is certainly the epitome of that statement.  He truly is special.

To close this entry, I offer you this short video of  saccadic fixations on a Hart Chart – Tang style.  🙂

NOTE: Tang wears his processor on his left ear, so it is not visible here. Video, photo and all other private information shared with permission


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  1. Enjoyed this post. I’m rooting for Tang! Thanks for sharing on VT Parents Unite FB page.


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