things broken…

My morning trek to the office sometimes will include a diversion to Starbucks, and this morning was a definitely a coffee morning.  I was surprised to see when I arrived, that the usual “morning rush” I encounter had missed me, or I it, and there was only one young woman sitting in the corner with a baby.  As I ordered my usual, I happened to look over my shoulder and noticed the woman was holding her baby a little tighter than one may expect against her chest, and had tears in her eyes.  Whether desire to help others, parental instinct, or just flat nosiness took over I do not know, but I found myself wandering over to the woman asking if she was alright.  With half a smile and wiping away tears, she nodded yes, and said she’s just worried about her baby.

Not really understanding her concern yet, I asked if she needed a doctor or ambulance.  She laughed and said it was not that kind of problem. For comfort reasons I suppose, she turned her baby around so he was now facing me, and his esotropia became apparent.  This woman explained that she had been to an local Ophthalmologist this week and was basically told “surgery or bust” when her son was a little older.  I never asked her son’s age, but based on his size and activity level, I would estimate he was about a year old.  She explained that she was upset because her husband wants to “hurry up and do the surgery” and she wants to wait, or even avoid it, if possible.  She said she had been looking for other options and couldn’t find any, which was upsetting because she knew surgery was inevitable. This was her one and only child and she was afraid to “mess him up”.

I handed the woman a business card and briefly explained Vision Therapy.  I explained that I work with a great doctor who will be able to at the very least, educate you on options.  I explained this is not a promise to cure, but a promise that there is more out there to consider than just surgery. We exchanged a few more pleasantries about parenthood, and I shared my stress surrounding my daughter beginning middle school next month, we shook hands and I left.

The last few days have been tough.  If you read yesterday’s entry, you’ll understand.  It is always interesting to me though, how the universe has a way of working itself out.  By the time I arrived at work, my new friend had already left a voicemail seeking an appointment.

Happy Thursday!!


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  1. Robert:

    Can’t tell you how glad I was to see this today! Lights shining in the darkness are always good (unless one has a history of retinal detachment) and I think that each of you was light for the other today. Happy Thursday! Jenni


  2. Kudos to you! I wish my parents had had someone intervene when I was a child before my two surgeries.


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