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RockWe all find inspiration in our own unique places.  Mine comes from my younger brother, my kids, my patients, and anyone who has a unique perspective on society that they are willing to share.  Always attractive to me are people who take pride in existing “outside the box”, and those who dare to have an opinion.

Last night I received an email from a former patient, who at the time we worked together, was in high school and dreamed of flying jets for the military.  Back then, he was a great kid – young man actually – who had nothing but a positive outlook on life.  Included in the email was this picture of “The Rock”, aka Duane Johnson, whom most of you may be familiar with.  His email is below.

Hi Robert!

Sorry I haven’t written lately. I am proud to share that I graduated flight school and will be deployed soon. Still unclear if it will be a domestic base or somewhere overseas.  Came across this picture recently and it totally reminded me of you.  Not the muscles part!!  Just the message.  You always encouraged me to go for my dreams and I MADE IT!!  Thank you again for everything!!  Sorry the Giants suck this year 🙂

Well he’s right about a few things. The San Francisco Giants suck this year and my muscles are nowhere near Duane Johnson’s. I’m ok with both those things.  Knowing I inspired him to reach his dreams has me feeling good this morning!  He is truly a success story.

Thanks, Ben!  You made my week 🙂


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