on an island…

One of the more frightening places parents find themselves has to be on the island of the unknown.  A struggling child, a flood of emotion, and solutions that must seem an ocean away.  Their dilemma is simple, and yet very complex; how to rescue their child.  At times, it must feel like being stranded on a rowboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, they must alone decide which direction is best, which direction is worst, and face the consequences of a wrong choice.  It has to be tough.

Bedarra IslandLately, I’ve been monitoring the social media sites dedicated to supporting parents, specifically those on Facebook.  Aside from Vision Therapy Parents Unite and Vision Therapy Changed My Life, I have also been turned on to a few others whose catalyst was something other than vision, and have noticed a common thread throughout.  All are dedicated to spreading their respective message, all have become pseudo support groups, and all have enrolled parents who seem to have the same question:

What should we do?

On some level, every decision a parent makes towards improving the life of their struggling child is a leap of faith.  After all, there are very few truths in the world.  Many practioners across several modalities demonstrate knowledge, show compassion, and report their findings with some overselling their benefits, and some falling short.  All of it leaves parents to decide who has the best advice, who seemed the most knowledgeable, who is the most credible, and will this really help?

Dr. Bob Sornson published an article recently entitled “It’s Time to Stop Arguing And Help Our Children!”.  The article was fantastic, and the sentiment should not be lost on any of us. This is about the kids, this is about helping people, and this is about offering hope. The behind the scenes ideas of who provides the best and worst answer should stay behind the scenes.  After all, most parents don’t care how you or I feel about our fellow practioners.  That doesn’t help them help their kid.

lhIn a few of my recent Sit Downs, Dr. Dan Press and Dr. Jill Schultz both individually made an important point that cannot be overlooked or overstated – our job is simply to educate on what we have to offer, so parents can make the best decision for their child and their family.  In this way, we become a beacon of hope, much like the lighthouse off in the distance for a stranded rowboat. Parents alone must choose to steer our direction, or not.  After all, they have known their child since Day One, been witness to the struggles, and have helped navigate through the foggiest of nights.  Our role is to simply to shine our light, and let them know that we are here to help, whenever they choose to travel our direction.


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