how about this weather?

Often times in Vision Therapy we look for the little things, small gains indicative of an upcoming eruption of progress.  This morning, I may have witnessed just that.

My friend “S” is a very cautious 8 year old mostly due to his unstable visual system and partly because he is the oldest of four children – his siblings all being female.  He is often overrun by loud screaming sisters who speak for him, speak over him, and are quick to point out his errors, making the background his favorite position.  One of his mother’s major concerns when “S” entered Vision Therapy was confidence in himself, a skill she is nurturing at home, and one she and I have spoken at length about in the office. “S” did not initiate conversations or attempt at eye contact when we first met, and most of his answers were three words or less.  He is very polite, very sweet and very aware of himself, always concerned that someone may find his output unworthy. Definitely a pleaser.  Our sessions usually begin slowly, me bombarding him with questions, him deflecting with his typical “yes”, “no” or “I’m not sure”.  Three word answers seem to be his threshold, or whatever it takes to fade back into the scenery. We have worked on his visual/verbal integration tirelessly hoping to support his communication schemes. “S” has been in VT about three months and today I think I witnessed the beginning of an eruption.

“What do you think of the weather this morning?” he asked me as we began our session, his eyes fixed on what had to of been utter shock on my face. I was beside myself.  He held great eye contact, he formulated and expressed his own idea, and attempted to engage someone in a conversation.  A small step for some, but for “S”, this is huge.  We sat and talked for 10 minutes about his question, his weekend, and my plans for dinner with a friend – him holding great eye contact while asking more questions and me smiling the entire time.

The weather in Austin today is cooler than it has been and most locals have donned their sweatshirts and light jackets for the first time in months, a sign that Autumn is upon us.  We also are expecting rain this afternoon.  However for “S”, the sun will be shining for a very long time!

Happy Monday!




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  1. another wonderful example of how VT can affect all areas of life!


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