taking a shot…

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take ~ Wayne Gretzky


I doubt my first patient of the morning knows who Wayne Gretzky is, she does however, have something in common with him. They both seem to understand the importance of taking a shot.

Living with a decompensating Convergence Insufficiency, my 49 year old patient identified one main goal during today’s initial visit – she wants to ride her motorcycle again.  As an avid biker, she was forced to park her bike the day she began to see double about six months ago, and has yet to ride again, for obvious reasons.  She has visited neurologists, ophthalmologists, and primary care optometrists, all of which have offered similar solutions. Prism, surgery, or learn to live with it.  Three solutions she was less than satisfied with.

On a whim (assisted by Google), this young lady began to research her own condition. She discovered that as a Convergent Insufficient myope, she may be more susceptible to de-compensation (a breakdown causing her to see double) as she aged.  At 49 years old, she is hardly “old”, but nonetheless, considered the idea that she has matured to the point that the process of de-compensation had begun.  She researched and visited our office with the hopes of finding a different solution.

motorcycleHer exam a few weeks back went well, our doctor recommended VT, and of course my new friend wanted to head home to think it over.  She asked her previous doctors for their opinions on VT, all of which came back in the negative – which was “all the proof this 49 year old, 4th grade teachin’, biker chick needed that she was in the right place.”  Translation – the lack of support from those with unacceptable solutions, to this young lady, meant VT was worth a shot.  Our first session went very well, and we both are excited to meet again next week.

Vision Therapy is so often associated with reading, learning, and the classroom – and rightfully so.  But occasionally, VT’s benefits reach out to the baseball diamond, the football field, a brain injury rehab facility, or even on to a motorcycle.  It’s why I love my job, and why we all do what we do.


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