a GREAT story

Admittedly, this story has nothing to do with Vision Therapy, but everything to do with the human spirit. Growing up with a handicapped sibling, these stories always carry a special meaning for me.  A true demonstration of the power behind lifting up those around you, as so many of us do in our Vision Therapy rooms. Special thanks to Karen Danoski COVT for sharing this via Facebook 🙂

Spoiler Alert – The video is about 6 minutes long, and it’s a tear jerker.



Posted on September 26, 2013, in From My Perspective.... Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Robert:

    I don’t know how you manage to have such great postings every single day, but I want you to know that the postings often MAKE my day. (In a good way, not like Clint Eastwood’s “make my day”). Thanks for all you do. Jenni Roeber, COVT


  2. Karen L Danoski COVT

    Jenni, That’s exactly what Robert needs. Dare him to make our day!


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