A word from Cavin…

I want to extend my utmost gratitude to everyone from the VT community! I am so incredibly honored to receive your support. Many of you have commented that my story is one that must be heard and spread. I clearly agree 100%, which is why I have created a blog, and launched this project to get the book funded. It is absolutely true that there needs to be a greater awareness about the benefits of VT, and I intend to contribute what I can to that awareness, especially concerning brain injury. The VT community’s  enthusiasm for what I am trying to do provides inspiration and confirmation that I am on a worthy path.

Cavin and Kris

Cavin and his mom, Kris, on Mother’s Day

On the two year anniversary of my TBI, the last post of my “pre-draft,” if you will, I said this: “I know that I am lucky – or ‘fortunate,’ as my driving instructor says – and I plan to pay my fortune forward so that others get a chance to recover as I did.”

Read that post here!

I am so humbled and inspired by this community and look forward to my future involvement. As Michael J. Fox recently said, “If life deals you a bag of hammers, build something!” Thank you for helping me to construct something substantial!

My sincerest gratitude to you all,

– Cavin Balaster

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  1. Looking forward to great things from and with you, Cavin. Or I should say, even greater things!


  2. Reblogged this on Cavin Bounce: Adventures In Brain Injury and commented:
    Thank you for posting this, Robert!


  3. The feeling is very much reciprocated, Dr. Press! You all have given me even more of a drive to do something big. I look forward to working closely with the VT community in order to do it RIGHT! Thank you all again!


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