Dear Jillian – Thank you!

Dear Jillian book coverI was so thrilled to meet both Robin and Jillian Benoit in Orlando a few weeks ago at COVD’s Annual Meeting. Their first book, Jillian’s Story, detailed Jillian’s life-changing success with Vision Therapy and was often suggested by my doctor as a “must read” to patients and other professionals.  It is a powerful and enlightening account that VT graduates and skeptics alike, must read.

This year, Robin and Jillian unveiled their second book, Dear Jillian, which is a collection of Vision Therapy testimonials from successful patients around the world. Also a “must read”, what a great item to have placed in our reception areas, in exam rooms across the country and around the world! Imagine the parents who come in on a referral from another office, unsure of what Vision Therapy is, what it really can do, or if it REALLY works, and they find this collection of success stories to read. Helping them understand how powerful Vision Therapy is will become so much easier on doctors, therapists and staff.  Even beyond the exam chair, referral sources, non-referral sources, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and co-workers all can benefit from reading this book.

How many times have we, in Developmental Optometry, heard of a former patient who “happened to mention” the doctor they went to whose services had an incredible impact on their child, and that conversation resulted in another child finding their way to our office, and succeeding in Vision Therapy.  Now multiply that by 10 or 20 as people you know read this book. You never know who people know, who they’re going to speak to, or when their having knowledge of what Vision Therapy has to offer will benefit someone else’s child.  Word of mouth testimonials and referrals are so powerful, and Dear Jillian makes it so incredibly easy for us to start that conversation.

About this book, Jillian herself wrote:

After Jillian’s Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life was published, someone asked me “Where is your research data proving that vision therapy works?” My reply was that I am part of the data. I said that vision therapy is for people and only people can tell you if it works. 

I am not a one-in-a-million case. Countless people of all ages have been through vision therapy and it has changed their lives for the better. I hope this book will open the eyes of those who have rejected vision therapy. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me and shared their vision therapy success. You are the reason our book is titled Dear Jillian. 

I went on a two-year tour of America’s optometry colleges thanks to the Optometric Extension Program Foundation and HOYA. I spoke to thousands of students and faculty, in person or via Skype presentations, and told them, “You may not offer vision therapy in your practice when you graduate, but please know what it is and what it can do. You hold the key to changing someone’s life in your hand.”  I hope you will be inspired by the twenty-two wonderful people whose stories are shared in this book.

This is a great tool for ALL Developmental Optometry offices to utilize, both in your office, with friends, family and particularly in your community. Many of us send gift baskets to our finest referral sources during the holidays, why not include a copy of Dear Jillian?

Remember, you never who people talk to and when their having knowledge of Vision Therapy will become important. After all, the next VT success story could be in your office, and just a referral away.

For more information on this book, or to purchase copies for your office, referral sources, family and friends, click here!


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