THIS is Vision Therapy…

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Wayne Saccadic Fixator, it is an activity designed to enhance Central/Peripheral Integration and Eye-Hand Coordination, among other things. Setting 9:1, which demands the participant push as many lights as possible in 30 seconds, is a typical starting line for patients in our office.

It can also be entertainment for Vision Therapists when patients cancel 🙂

Young padawan Joseph Enriquez is quickly moving up the ranks in our office, and before he came to work with us, the record among the staff was 58.  As you will see, Joey has promise not only as a Vision Therapist, but also as a Jedi Master!


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  1. Pretty impressive!!!


  2. Challenge accepted! We will be having a vision therapy Winter Olympics this February among our staff. I’ll let you know if anyone can top it. It’s unlikely, but you never know when there is a “gold medal” at stake…


  3. Jessica Zwilling COVT

    This is hilarious! We once had a pre-med VT assistant score 103 on the 60 second setting. May the force be with you!


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