the fights that need fighting…

At 38 years old, I’m pretty mellow compared to 10 or 15 years ago. Things that used to rattle my cage don’t anymore, and compartmentalizing the negative input of others is a valuable skill I’ve learned to manage, dare I say, well.  The cynic in me would have you believe that I’ve just finely tuned my apathetic side, but in a moment of deep introspection, I’d contend that maturity has helped to identify the aspects of life that are worth my energy from those that simply aren’t. Nowadays, short of impending personal harm or a threat against my children, my reactions to others are usually pretty benign.


In response to a recent post, I received an email from someone who will not be identified (beyond saying they clearly are anti-VT) claiming that VT is an unproven science whose deliverers rely on false statistics and exaggerated results, our doctors are a bunch of phonies catering to crybabies, and if we were more than just a “hoax of a treatment” Western Medicine would have adopted our methods long ago. The email concluded with some well placed and colorful expletives about my personal life and writing style.

As much as I am tempted to respond with a picture of my best one-fingered salute, or perhaps an expletive laced email of my own, I’ve refrained. In fact, I’ve decided that dignifying such nonsense is not only not worth my time, it would require effort that is better spent in more positive arenas.  There will be no response.

What these nefarious detractors don’t realize though is that their negativity only motivates me to fight harder, to write more, to continue to showcase the wonderful doctors, therapists, and patients that make up Developmental Optometry, and to improve myself and those around me so all Vision Therapy patients worldwide will have their lives improved. For me, that is the fight that needs fighting.

Happy Monday! 😉


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  1. Well put, Robert. Don’t you just love that kind of feedback? “If it had any merit, we’d be doing it”. Arrogance and ignorance are dangerous combinations.


    • Robert Nurisio COVT

      Thanks, Dr. Press. As my grandfather used to say, there is nothing more frightening that an idiot with a cause. Not quite as eloquent as your thought, but it applies just the same. 🙂


  2. Wow, sounds like somebody is fearful. The question is, WHAT are they fearful of? Loss of income if our best kept secret gets out? Loss of face if someone finds out that they were a patient of VT at one time, but it “didn’t work” because they chose not to be a participating partner with their therapist? Loss of reputation because someone who discovered the wonder of VT is now angry with them because that patient wasn’t referred and lost valuable time improving their vision/life? Usually that kind of hostile attack covers up something quite deep. Still, that had to have been hard to read. I laugh over and over at the “if only it worked, then Western medicine would have adopted it.: Think about how many years other treatments, especially those from the Eastern world such as acupuncture, massage, meditation , have been around in the Eastern world, and then think about how long it’s taken for those treatments to gain credibility in the Western world. It’s not because they don’t work, as anyone who has used them for pain relief can tell you. It’s all about fear and acceptance. Robert, your writing inspires me. My patients would be horrified to learn that they are considered crybabies. Thank goodness you choose to “let it bounce off” as my mom would say. Onward and upward! Jenni


  3. You couldn’t be more correct. This person, I suspect is effected by patients who choose VT over “western medicine” financially and can only battle this fight with words and not proof. Thanks for sharing.


  4. williamsandmintod

    It is curious when someone is so adamant that they are correct and that this makes them good and makes us bad. There are many examples in our country of medicine knowing that they were correct; and they were dramatically wrong. Frontal lobotomies and eugenics come to mind of some of the most frightening. I agree that we should not honor this with a response. I wonder why people would believe that type of comment made in that way?


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