one thousand strong…

For those who have not yet discovered the Vision Therapy Parents Unite Facebook page, please check it out, and consider joining. The page is a great resource for parents to seek the advice and experiences of other parents, as they work to better understand the dynamics of Vision Therapy.  Many of our parents have already visited, and thanked us for the resource.

I was very pleased when visiting their page today and read this entry, written by Kelly Snedden, one of the group’s founders:

Just got our 1,000 member! Welcome Leanna!! Thank you all for joining this group. I hope the sharing of information about Vision Therapy enriches your lives or the lives of your loved ones — just like it did for my son. It works!!

A huge congratulations to both Kelly Snedden and Michelle Chigas Hillman for the creation of the group and for working to continue it’s success.  Although neither of you met Marjie Thompson (Founder of P.A.V.E.) before she passed away, I can almost guarantee you, she is smiling upon you today. Your efforts are very much appreciated!

Hats off to you both 🙂


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  1. Thank you Robert for your support and activity in the group. It’s the dynamic involvement of the sharing of critical information that has made this group so important. And, thanks for sharing our exciting news!


  2. Agreed. That page is just what parents need, therapist want and doctors appreciate.


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