Happy Birthday Colin!

Anyone who still may doubt that learning disabilities and academic challenges can severely impact a child’s emotional well being, listen up. I’m about to change your mind.


This morning, at a friend’s recommendation, I came across a Facebook page dedicated to a young man named Colin who resides in Michigan. Colin, according to a news report in Detroit, has learning challenges and has been diagnosed with a condition similar to Autism. He also, according to the article, has no friends and struggles socially. In part, the article reads:

A Michigan mom asks her son if he would like to have an 11th birthday party. His response broke her heart. Young Colin, who is diagnosed with a disorder similar to autism, told her “there’s no point. I have no friends.” Colin’s mom says kids at school don’t include him and he even eats lunch alone in the office everyday. 

Colin’s mom decided to create a birthday Facebook page, Happy Birthday Colin, to show her son just how many people cared about him. So far, the page has over 50,000 (UPDATE 1.7 million as of this morning) likes and has gained worldwide attention.

We invite you to join in wishing Colin a happy birthday, liking the page and being a part of his birthday surprise.

Most kids who learn differently understand that they are not the same as their peers.  In the therapy room, we have such an opportunity to not only help these kids improve their skills, but also to build their self esteem. Kids like Colin are proof positive that our focus on favorable and encouraging reinforcement and emotional support are key to their overall success in therapy, and in life.  The challenges in repairing someone’s visual mechanics pale in comparison to the challenges in repairing their self esteem.

I encourage everyone reading this blog to “Like” Colin’s page, send him a message, and maybe even mail him a birthday card at this address.

I am.


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