the ties that bind…

So I’m feeling a little sentimental this morning.  Maybe it’s because many of my more endearing and long standing patients have graduated Vision Therapy lately, maybe it’s due to a few great conversations I had with some great friends last night, or maybe it’s because our office has decided to hold our Wednesday morning staff meeting over breakfast at a local restaurant – which is a great team building endeavor, in and of itself. Maybe, it’s a combination of the three.


Last night I was reminded of the classic 1986 movie Stand By Me, where in the closing scene Richard Dreyfuss is shown completing his novel by typing this line:

I never had any friends later like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anybody? 

Friendship can be curious. Friends come and go, many times because of a change in jobs, a change in residence or in some cases, a change in lifestyle.  The interesting thing though, at least for me, is how amazing my VT friendships are considering most of us only see each other once a year, at most.  I had a real moment of pause last night where I was able to stop and appreciate the amazing friendships Vision Therapy has provided. Therapists, doctors, patients, office staff, leaders and staff of organizations, right on through to my friend Cavin Balaster, who recently informed me that he’s been invited to speak at the next NORA conference in April, in part due to the exposure he gained from his interview here.  You all are pretty incredible.

The icing on the cake though came from a true VT great, Vicki Bedes COVT. During a chat session on Facebook, our conversation quickly went from small talk to discussing the quality friendships this profession nurtures.  Vicki has always been a true supporter of mine and somehow can always sense when I need a pick-me-up, which she offers selflessly and graciously.  Our latest installment was no exception.

Vision Therapy offers many great opportunities to many people, most importantly, the patients who benefit from our work. Not be lost in translation, though, are the fantastic bonds we create while taking this journey together.  My friends in Vision Therapy are not only like minded, we are kindred spirits it seems. Another true sign of friendship.

Unlike Richard Dreyfuss’ character, I do have great friends beyond the age of 12.  They are all of you, and I am beyond grateful for it.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. williamsandmintod

    This is true for doctors and therapists. (Maybe we stay younger.) Maybe we are a little like those children who support and understand each other and pull together to do what we do better and because there is an outside force. As Dr. Press has conjectured, perhaps some adversity helps us to work even harder to help our patients.
    Gary J. Williams, OD


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