We Wear Blue…

The trajectory of friendship can be a tough plot to predict. Some are shallow, some vacillate, and some are deep – very deep. Vision Therapy has blessed me with many gifts, perhaps none more valuable or powerful than the wonderful friendships made along the way, both with patients and with colleagues.

Last August, a friend of many of us, Vision Therapist Robin Vreeland, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Unable to attend COVD’s Annual Meeting last fall while she underwent treatment, Robin remained in the hearts and minds of her VT friends and family as she battled through her treatments. Sometime during our time in Orlando last October an idea was hatched – what if we threw Robin a surprise birthday/celebration of health party in the Spring? The idea quickly grew legs, and as Robin got better and eventually beat cancer, some of her closest VT friends were off and running.

This past Thursday, our months of planning came to fruition as we all converged on Myrtle Beach, SC for the big surprise celebration. Friday morning was spent frantically attending to the last minute details, and Friday afternoon….


Robin Surprise

The remainder of the weekend was spent in celebration of Robin’s health, her birthday, and of the wonderful friendships that this group of Vision Therapy folks have built through the years. We were treated to a tour of Dr. Mark Dean’s office, where Robin works, and shared ideas and techniques. We even had a barbeque that afternoon complete with team shirts that read:

I wear BLUE for someone who means the world to me – for Colon Cancer Awareness

Mark's Office

Pictured Left to Right in Back: Ivette Huerta, Robin Vreeland, Debbie Killion, Dr. Mark Dean Middle Row: Tom Headline, Sarah :-), Asheley Gregory, Karen Danoski. Front Row: Jessica Stevenson, Robert Nurisio

Friendships like these are very special to me as we have become like family, bound together by our love of Vision Therapy, our love of helping our patients, and our devotion to changing lives. As all good things must come to an end though, we bid each other adieu late Sunday and early Monday, all of us headed back to our homes, our families, and our wonderful VT patients.

Porch Pic

For the last five days these very special people have effortlessly put the good in my good morning, my good times, and my good laughs. As we discovered this morning, it just doesn’t seem to work as well – in goodbye.

Until next time!


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  1. All I can say is wow — what a beautiful celebration. Thanks for sharing, Robert, and so pleased that Robin is back in gear, showing Marsden Balls who’s boss. Continued good health!


  2. So happy to hear of Robin’s recovery! Thank you for sharing the inspiring story!!


  3. williamsandmintod

    How true – and thank you for reminding us.
    Gary J. Williams, OD


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