Learning How To Put The Patient First

If you’ve ever wondered why some in Ophthalmology are so opposed to Developmental Optometry, you are not alone. Many of us have asked the same question over and over without ever being offered an answer of much notable substance.  It’s an obstacle we all continue to face on some level.

Recently, Dr. Leonard Press had the opportunity to discuss the idea of putting the patient first with Ophthalmologist, Dr. Thomas Lenart and Developmental Optometrist, Dr. Nancy Torgerson.  It’s a unique glimpse at what can really happen two doctors come together, from different perspectives, and unify for the benefit of their patients. They set such a great example for all to follow!

Dr.s Lenart and Torgerson are scheduled to co-present in support of professional collaboration for the benefit of their patients at COVD’s Annual Meeting this October in San Diego.  Personally, I cannot wait to participate in their presentation!


Please take a few minutes to read and share this great interview!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this information, Robert!


  2. williamsandmintod

    Robert, Besides everything else. Thanks for the plug for the meeting. gjw


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