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Our friends at VisionHelp have long produced many wonderful articles and videos in an effort to help educate all of us on the many facets of life the visual system might effect.  They are a wonderful bunch, and for anyone who has not yet followed their blog or discovered the many resources they offer, you can learn more by visiting the VisionHelp website and watching this video.

Their latest video production entitled “The Impact of Concussion on Vision” carries a special meaning for me. I wrote a post back in February of 2013 about my friend and former co-worker, Abby, who had been in a serious car accident and suffered a severe concussion. The post, which to this day has been viewed more than any other I’ve written, illustrates the trajectory of recovery for someone whose struggles taught me so much about life, about the emotional side of a head injury, about the frustration in finding “normal” again, and of the key role Vision Therapy can play in facilitating recovery.  Since that time, Abby has recovered from her concussion with the help of Vision Therapy, achieved her Vision Therapist Certification (COVT), has gotten married, and is featured in VisionHelp’s latest video which will help so many people suffering from head injury.  Knowing what she’s been through, seeing her shine in this video brought tears to my eyes.

A very special thank you to Dr. Dan Fortenbacher for the original blog post, and to all the wonderful doctors involved with the VisionHelp group for the incredible job they do! Please take a few minutes to watch the video. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for the kind words regarding the VisionHelp group, Robert. Dr. Fortebacher and the creative family team he works with do an incredible job.


    • You’re welcome, Dr.Press. Thanks again to you, Dr. Fortenbacher and your entire bunch for all you’re doing. Certainly a privilege to be in the same profession with so many fine examples to follow! 🙂


  2. Jenni Roeber, COVT

    Thanks, friends…this is a wonderfully worded video! Every speaker is clear, concise and compelling. I especially loved Abby’s comment about giving oneself “grace” and “time”. All of it – so very important. I’m going to recommend viewing of this video to all of my head injury patients.


  3. Robert,
    Many thanks to you for being a champion for the cause to help end the senseless struggle associated with developmental and acquired brain injury based vision problems. Your blog is truly a wonderful resource! With appreciation, Dr. Fortenbacher


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