News flash: Summer is here!

A few of my VT friends (a.k.a. blog readers) have written lately asking if things are alright.  Am I sick?  Or troubled? Or otherwise unable to live life day to day?  Puzzled by these inquiries – I received three such emails in one day last week – I assure them I am fine.  Quite well, actually.  When I inquire about the reasoning behind their sudden concern for my well-being, all three answered with the same basic thought:

You’re not writing as much in your blog. What’s going on?

My response and reasoning is pretty simple – it’s summer time.  The kids are out of school and parents take advantage of the time off to help solve problems.  My VT room is busting at the seams with patients.  New patients, seasoned patients, patients close to graduation, and of course, a few Vision Therapists who probably drank a little too much coffee this morning.  VT life is busy right now and it’s a good thing.  And worry not fellow VTers, the copious blogging will continue, the Sit Downs will resume, the new ideas and expressions will find their way to you through this medium – when school starts. Between now and then, I write when I can.

One funny story that I wanted to share with all of you though involves a little 4 year old girl I met today who has been diagnosed with a 35 diopter constant esotropia.  Normally our first visit involves an orientation (parent and patient sit with us to discuss goals and rules of VT, etc) but because of a last minute babysitter illness, mom was forced to bring her 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter as well.  After a brief discussion in the reception area, we agreed that the best plan was to flip-flop week 1 and week 2.  I would do “in office” activities today which require no parent participation so she could wait with her other children, and we could cover the orientation next week when her babysitter was available.  My new 4 year old friend and I left the reception area and headed for my VT room.

Now, I’ve been working with children most of my adult life.  Aside from VT, I also teach soccer to kids 4 – 12 years old on Friday afternoons and on weekends.  A lot of them have funny stories, funny responses, and even funnier antics which bring a smile to my face.  But this little girl had me in stitches.  Picture this:

We enter the VT room and both sit on the floor.

Robert: How has your day been so far?

S: It’s been great! I have stwa-biz-mussssssss

Robert: (giggling) Really?  What does that mean?

S: It means my eyes are…wait a minute, you don’t know?

Robert: I think I know, but maybe you could help me understand what you think it is

The conversation quickly turned to SpongeBob, my favorite pizza, the Easter Bunny, her friends at daycare, and how cool it is to be a big sister – all within 60 seconds.

Robert: So, how old are you?

S: This many (showing 4 fingers)

Robert: Do you know when your birthday is?

S: Yes…

Robert: When is it?

S: When I turn 5

Robert: When will you turn 5?

S: On my birthday…

We popped bubbles, played with the Marsden Ball, chased the rabbit (crawling in the hallway) and talked about all the other fun toys in my VT room.

It’s just about time for her to go…

Robert: Ok, S. I think that’s about it. Did you have fun today?

S: Yes!!

Robert: Are you excited to come back and play some new games next week?

S: (suddenly quite serious) well…maybe

Robert: Maybe?  Why just maybe?

S: Could you wear a different shirt next week? I don’t like that one

Robert: Oh really? Why not?

S: Because it’s blue and my favorite color is pink

Robert: But I like blue…and what if I don’t own a pink shirt?

S: Mr. Robert, please pay attention. I have stwa-biz-mussssssss! Pink is important to people like me!

I love my job 🙂


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  1. Hysterical!


  2. williamsandmintod

    Robert, Wonderful. And instead of wondering why we hear from you less, I don’t know how you find the time to write and come up with the ideas. gjw


  3. That’s awesome! Please wear a pink shirt next week 🙂


  4. Jenni Roeber, COVT

    I HAD noticed less blogs, but thought….hey, it’s my computer. Hey, he’s really busy. Hey, it’s summer. All within the course of 60 seconds. Coffee..the answer to everything. Love the blogs and will take any and all that you write. Enjoy summer. This little one is hysterical. Perhaps the color pink and strabismus should be studied? 🙂 Jenni


  5. jzwillingcovt

    What a fun job we have! I will buy you a pink shirt! Medium?


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