Head Injuries and Success

One of my most favorite people in Developmental Optometry is the person who introduced me to Vision Therapy way back when I was her patient in 1997, and that is Dr. Carole Hong.  Although I moved away after only working in her office a few years, Dr. Hong has always been a great supporter of mine, and a great friend.  Last year, when I received the COVT of the Year award, Dr. Hong secretly brought a very special Vision Therapist named Jessica to Florida to share in my celebration.  Jessica happens to be the first patient I ever worked with in Vision Therapy back in November of 1999 (she was 11 years old then), and is now herself working as a Vision Therapist in Dr. Hong’s office, which by itself it pretty awesome! Jessica’s presence in Florida was an incredible and special surprise created by one of my longest standing supporters in this business. I will never be able to thank Dr. Hong enough for having Jessica there to share that moment. It was very special!

With all that, it was no surprise after posting about my concussion earlier in the day that I received a very nice email from Dr. Hong asking how things were going.  We don’t talk as much as I’d like since we’re both busy with work and kids, but the opportunity to touch base, even under the circumstances, was a welcome one.  In her email, Dr. Hong also shared an article that she wrote recently for a publication in her area called Parenting on the Peninsula. The article, entitled Attention Parents, Coaches, and Athletes: Head Injuries and Success, starts out with:

Most children don’t tell their parents every time they happen to bump their head, even though a head injury might change their life. While one small bump is really not the issue, new research shows that it is the accumulation of these bumps that can cause more serious problems.

In light of my struggles this week, I hope everyone will take a few moments to read the full article here, and share it as much as you can!


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  1. Robert, Thanks for your kind words! I knew there was something special about you when you started as a therapist many years ago. Maybe it was your email at the time…onegoofball@….kidding aside, I’m so glad that you have found your passion. You have a special gift in your ability to help change peoples lives each and every day, in the therapy room and through this blog.Thanks also for sharing my Parenting on the Peninsula article. I hope it helps someone get the help they need and brings awareness about Multiple Concussions and the Silent Concussion! I hope your recovery is quick and you are back to your ol’ goof-ball self soon! ~Carole


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