High Speed

Late last summer, a new patient came to our office who had the written the words “race car driver” on his questionnaire to explain his occupation. I remember my initial thought when reading those words…

Yeah, right.


Michael (of no relation to the Indy Car driver with the same name) came to Austin Eye Gym seeking to enhance his field of vision, peripheral awareness and eye-hand coordination. Since his job requires that he perform at such a high level, our VT room is always bouncing during his sessions, as we worked to find new and dynamic ways to challenge his visual system.  This morning, Michael stopped by to show off his car. What a treat!

Michael currently races LeMans Prototypes and GT LeMans race cars and is in preparation for his race this weekend at the Circuit of the Americas here in Austin.  Enjoy!

Oh…and no, he wouldn’t let me drive it around the parking lot.

I asked 😉



Pictures and patient information shared with permission.


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  1. So how did the therapy go?


    • Robert Nurisio COVT

      Still in progress, Dan. He’s racing this weekend and is very confident with where things are, so all good there. We’ll see how the results turn out.


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