Saying Goodbye…

Written By Guest Blogger: Melody Lay COVT

This week, I wrapped up an amazing journey with my developmental optometry family here in central Florida.  My husband accepted a job in San Antonio, Texas and we will be pulling stakes here in Orlando in a few days.

The past month has been a whirlwind in my VT room from training four new therapists to wrapping up final details. Thankfully, most of my patients graduated from their time in VT, so the transfer of care to another therapist wasn’t necessary.  A few, however, transferred to my wonderful co-workers to continue on their VT journey.

Two months ago, when I first announced I was leaving, one of the docs in my office said to me, “Mel, please leave me with words of wisdom before you go.”  First of all, I thought he was joking.  I don’t feel qualified in any way to give a doctor “words of wisdom” 🙂  I actually giggled when he asked me the first time. On Tuesday, we had a final staff lunch and he asked me again, “Mel, are you going to leave me words of wisdom?  I know theory, but you know practically how to execute it.” I still shrugged it off thinking I didn’t really have much to offer to someone who actually graduated from optometry school.

On the eve of my last day I started thinking about the wonderful doctors I had worked with during my time in Florida. My main doctor believed in me, encouraged me and supported me to pursue certification. She patiently put up with my thousands of questions and curiosity as she gave oversight to my therapy with hundreds of patients.  I respect her knowledge, love of patients and developmental optometry. She is wonderful! My second doctor, the one who asked for my words of wisdom, is newer to our office.  He is a more recent graduate and joined the practice about 8 months ago. I wrote out my words of thanks to each of them that evening.  Included in my second doctor’s were “my words of wisdom” he asked for.  I share them with you because they are heartfelt and a reflection of my great doctors who live out these principles with us in the therapy room.

  1. Never lose your enthusiasm: I admire that fervor and passion in your soul. It is contagious in our office and sets our profession apart. It is why I fell in love with developmental optometry and vision therapy. It is a passion to change lives.
  2. Never stop educating your therapists. A great therapist never tires of learning. Continue to share your knowledge with us and keep us fresh.
  3. Never stop celebrating our successes. One of the most encouraging parts of therapy is celebrating successes. When you celebrate with us, it encourages us to continue on and makes us feel part of the team. We love high fives from our doctors!!!
  4. Never let us get into a rut. It’s easy to turn on autopilot and cruise through therapy. Remind us it’s about the process, the feedback and the relationships we build with patients that changes lives.

Experiencing these actions from my doctors endears me to them and the profession. They are truly some of the greats in our field. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside them and my fellow therapists. I look forward to my next office in Texas and the amazing opportunity for growth it will also bring.

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but a friend shared this quote with me this week.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss



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  1. You will be missed in Florida I know for sure, Melody. But I can visualize you rocking some boats in San Antonio in the near future!


  2. Where will you be working in SA? I am advocating for VT in the Schertz area, and my boys are pts at UIW. Nielsen is newly certified in my part of town. Welcome to SA!


  3. Linda, thank you for reading. I look forward to my next adventure in VT.


  4. Wendy, I’m still working that out, but will let you know! Thanks for reading and the welcome to SA:-).


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