Do. Not. Miss. This.

In case you’ve not yet heard – and by now I hope you have – there is a party on the horizon and you’re ALL invited! In a unique collaboration between three blogs – COVD, VisionHelp, and VT Works – we will make a push to advertise, promote, support and otherwise show off the #cittart hashtag party, which is being hosted by COVD.

The goal of the #cittart party is both to bring awareness to Vision Therapy and to help the CITT-ART team enroll 300 patients into this wonderful new project.

Here’s some easy steps explaining how YOU CAN HELP!!!

– There will be a few key blog posts this coming Monday. If you do not already follow the three blogs linked above, please go to each and click “Follow”. You may have to enter your email address to confirm, but that’s all.

– On Monday when our posts appear, please share them far and wide! You can do this by clicking the “Share” button at the bottom of each page OR by copying the address bar and pasting it to a new location like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your office website, etc. Ask your friends, co-workers and family to share them as well.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is that when you, or anyone you know, share any of our posts, you MUST tag it with #cittart for it to count!  OUR GOAL is to start a #cittart trend on social media!

Once the party begins, you can post anything VT related and tag them with the #cittart hashtag. Any post with the #cittart hashtag is helpful. Bear in mind that pictures can infringe on privacy standards, so the proper releases are needed. Beyond that, ask your friends, family, neighbors, and Facebook friends to copy your post.  It can be something simple like:

“Vision Therapy ROCKS! #cittart

This is our opportunity to have a voice and to be heard throughout social media.  Let’s show the world how amazing the VT community really is and how valuable and important the CITT-ART findings are to the everyone!!

Our party starts Monday and runs ALL WEEK;! Hope to see you all there!!

More information on the CITT-ART study can be found here.



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