Dr. B and me…

We all have people we go to when we’re stuck; those people we trust for advice and guidance be it for professional or personal reasons. When it comes to patient care, there are times I reach out beyond my own doctor to seek other opinions, other ideas.  People I “lean on” to help me understand and process different difficulties that may be occurring, be they with patient care or practice management. When doing this, there are a few people whose advice I take to heart because their concern for patients worldwide is genuine, their sincerity in delivering the message is evident, and I know that being honest with me – even if it means telling me I’m wrong – is a skill they manage with grace, dignity, and respect.

One of the cornerstones of my personal ring of advice is Dr. Charles Boulet, who I interviewed last year. At the time I requested the interview, Dr. Boulet and I had only exchanged a few pleasantries on Facebook compliments of the Vision Therapy Parents Unite page, on which we both often participate.  He graciously agreed to my request, and because of my steep learning curve, Dr. Boulet was patient and helpful throughout the entire process.  Since that time, we have bounced many ideas back and forth. Ideas on Vision Therapy, how to handle situations in the office, and I was very proud to observe the efforts Dr. Boulet put forth in helping to draft legislation (Bill 203) to ensure the children of Alberta, Canada have access to eye exams prior to first grade. Although the movement for new law has not yet been successful, the effort put forth is admirable, and no doubt will only be a platform for future efforts. Dr. Boulet also manages a Strabismus Awareness Page on Facebook.

On the personal side, Dr. Boulet and I have become great friends. He is always, always, always ready to help me at the drop of a hat and has always offered me great encouragement – even when I’m sure he has better things to do than answer my questions.  Questions about VT, questions about kids, questions about life – his advice is sound and his intent genuine. Knowing that I have him to bounce ideas off of, or to ask for advice, or to beg to serve as an impromptu editor when needed, offers a great comfort as my writing adventure continues.  He really is a class act and I’m proud to consider him my friend.

With that, I was pretty excited to learn recently that Dr. Boulet has a book out on Amazon entitled Dr. B’s Parent and Teacher Guides: Child Vision, Learning, and Development: Fundamentals 1: Learning Mechanics.  The best part, it’s digital so you can download it!  I recently finished reading the book myself and have already recommended it to several parents I’ve come in contact with – both of current patients and those just seeking more information. It is a fantastic resource for helping parents understand what Vision Therapy is all about, and offers helpful hints for navigating the terrain as parents work to decipher the sometimes confusing information about their child’s struggles.

Rather than reinvent the wheel – or rewrite the review, as it were – I’d encourage everyone to visit the VisionHelp blog and read the wonderful review Dr. Leonard Press recently wrote in support of Dr. Boulet’s book.

Simply put: This book delivers.





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