The Return of the Sit Downs

Over the last several weeks, my email box has been hit with many inquiries about the Sit Down interviews, basically asking if they will continue.  It’s my pleasure to inform all of you that the 2015 installment will begin in February and continue throughout the spring. In the meantime, my friend Melody Lay has compiled some favorite excerpts from the interviews conducted in the last few years. Enjoy!

There is no age limit, young or old, for Optometric Vision Therapy.  You can never start too early and you are never too old to work on changing brain function.  We now know plasticity is present throughout life.  ~ Dr. Dan Press 

The difference between a therapist and a technician is that a therapist will always be reevaluating and making minute changes in the patient’s therapy moment by moment. Don’t let your therapists be a person who just pushes GO on a machine or task and when the instructions say to stop they stop.  Train your therapists and train them well.  Cherish them.  They are your most important commodity. ~ Rich Miller, student 

No matter how much research there is, naysayers will exist. So we need to support continued research studies AND do our jobs well to help create success with each of our patients. Our patients’ stories give the research meaning and life. ~ Dr. Nancy Torgerson

The one thing that stands out to me is that optometry in general and developmental optometry specifically does more to improve the everyday quality of life for individuals than any other health profession, bar none! We need far more young people interested in our fantastic profession. We do more than medicine to help people in more profound ways every single day. Yes, they save lives, but we change lives! ~ Dr. David Damari 

Achieving certification is not an end in itself, but rather a path to greater effectiveness for the benefit of those I serve. It has brought me to the place of continued learning and evaluation. ~ Melody Lay COVT 

It is so hard to be a little kid with struggles.  Vision therapy erased those struggles and I wasn’t too young at the age of 10 to get that.  ~ Jillian Benoit 

I love Vision Therapy because its purpose is not to train the eyes, but rather to train the brain. You look with your eyes, but you SEE with your brain.  Neuro-plasticity is the brains ability to change and rewire itself, which is exactly what needed to happen in order for me to recover normal function after the connections within my brain were severed in some areas, and damaged in others. ~ Cavin Balaster

When the time comes that I am no longer learning, I will know I am not of this earthly place. ~ Karen Danoski, COVT

Serving on the board of directors allows me to appreciate the passion and volunteerism of the many dedicated optometrists and vision therapists, over 250 of them serve on COVD’s volunteer structure. Like each of them I serve for the same reason – to continue this great organization that started in 1971. ~ Dr. Ida Chung

My interest in TBI started with my desire to help veterans.  I wanted to learn more about how to assist them, how neurovisual rehab is different from developmental optometry, and the most effective methods of treatment. As a side note, you have never seen someone work in a therapy session until you have watched a vet!  Those guys work!  I have seen patients use so much mental muscle to do a task they have literally soaked the shirt they were wearing! ~ Dr. Dan Bowersox

From the six-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, the eight-year- old autistic twin brothers, the teenager with Tourette’s syndrome, the adults with ABI who want to enjoy reading again-I’ve learned from every one. The common denominator to their growth and success is tenacity-never give up. ~ Deb Killion COVT

I have also learned that there are many different ways to get into and affect the CNS. And that in spite of the many differences in language, customs, and training, we are all united as a “family” with a passion to improve the lives of the patients we work with. ~ Linda Sanet COVT

What attributes make a quality Vision Therapist?

  • Genuine concern for people
  • Listening to a person not just in what the person says, but in what they don’t say as well
  • The ability to observe
  • Flexibility…in more ways than one
  • Thinking quick on your feet

Desiring to learn more ~ Tom Headline COVT

When a parent trusts me to help their child, I don’t take that lightly.  I have been in their shoes and although our journeys might be different, the goal is the same. ~ Jessi Stevenson COVT

I have had great training at COVD but the friendships that I have made over the past 15 years will last a lifetime! I meet new people and make new friends every time I attend another course. The wealth of information I have access to from other doctors and therapists is invaluable and that translates to the success of my patients.

~Robin Vreeland , Vision Therapist

Things are slowly changing, primarily because of wonderful authors and communicators such as Drs Leonard Press, Robert Sanet, Sue Barry, Penelope Suter, Garth Christianson, John Griffin, Ken Gibson, Harry Wachs, Dominik  Maino, William Padula, Ken Lane, David Cook, Lori Mowbray, Patrick Quaid and Larry Lampert.  Also a big thanks to Robin & Jillian Benoit!

All of us must continue to learn and provide excellent vision therapy.  The tide is changing, albeit not as fast as we would like.  Patience will win out in the long run. ~ Dr. Jim Mayer


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  1. Robert,
    These are very important thoughts from special people. No matter how much more we learn, the patient benefit will still depend primarily on the skill and empathy of the therapist working with them. We all crave meaning in life. Patient growth provides meaning for the therapist and the patient.
    Gary J. Williams

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