We Wear Blue – Part Deux

With COVD’s Annual Meeting rapidly approaching, my mind has been on-the-go pretty much non-stop the last few weeks. Aside from my maiden voyage as an instructor of VT-101, I’m also looking forward to getting together with several hundred of my closest friends to exchange hugs and handshakes, compare notes, and revitalize myself with the incredible energy that this meeting always delivers.  It’s akin to the biggest and best family reunion on the planet and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!  Plus we will be spending a week in Las Vegas, so what’s there to complain about? 🙂


At this year’s meeting though, a piece of my heart will be in South Carolina, where it has been for the last few weeks.  You may recall a post I wrote last spring entitled “We Wear Blue”, which was a recap of a weekend spent in Myrtle Beach with great friends celebrating the clean bill of health given to my dear friend, Robin Vreeland, after she beat colon cancer. Not long ago, Robin announced that her cancer has returned and that her treatment will begin with surgery on April 2nd, followed by 6 weeks of recuperation, and from there her doctors will recommend the best course of action.

As Vision Therapists go, Robin is amazing; as friends go, she is one of a kind.  This past Monday, we started an effort to support Robin, and so, I’m here to ask everyone to do just a little something to help lift up a member of our Vision Therapy family. From now until Robin’s surgery on April 2nd, we’d like to ask everyone to change their Facebook profile picture to the picture of the blue wrist band below.  Blue is the color of colon cancer awareness, and the wristband represents their most popular item.  For anyone who doesn’t know how to get the picture from here to there, email me privately at rnurisio@gmail.com and I will happily help you!

wrist band

Vision Therapy has blessed me with many things in my life. Perhaps nothing more valuable than the many friendships forged. Robin has certainly been one of those blessings, and now when she needs us the most, I’m asking (maybe even begging) for you to stand united with us over the next week in support of her battle.

We love you, Robin. Your fight is OUR fight! 🙂

Porch Pic


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  1. Sending prayers and love to you, Robin


  2. I won’t be able to attend this year’s meeting. I wear colon cancer awareness blue every day, now for Robin!


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