A Week In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an interesting place; and by interesting, I mean unusual. While walking ‘the strip’ in Las Vegas one is just as likely to encounter a walking talking dill pickle as they would a muscle-bound half-naked hunk daring you to approach for a photo opportunity.  There are storm-troopers, Elvis impersonators, super-models, and enough flashing lights, music, bells and whistles to push even the most well-integrated system into sensory overload.  There are those hoping to strike it rich, those who have struck it poor, and those who seem to have just struck out.  For anyone who shares my affection for ‘people watching’, it’s an ocean of weirdness, excess, laughter, intrigue, and free entertainment; all of it situated curiously in the middle of the Mojave desert.


A few hundred yards away from the madness, nestled safely within the confines of The Bellagio Hotel last week, something quite exciting was occurring; and by exciting, I mean magical.  As many of you know COVD’s Annual Meeting has just concluded, and this year’s installment seemed to be a complete success.  The ‘biggest family reunion ever’, as some of us affectionately refer to it, simultaneously offers education, camaraderie, fellowship, certification, a chance to catch up with old friends and a chance to make new friends. There were several people this year whom I’d never met in person, yet knew very well through electronic correspondence, that I was able to offer a hug.  All in all, it was a fantastic week!

IMAG2065 IMAG2067

As with all good things though, the meeting has come to an end, and most of us will be back at work this week.  The memories forged, the lessons learned, and the friendships rekindled will be strong enough to spark us all into giving our best over the next twelve months. And when that spark begins to fade, there will be another meeting – another family reunion – to ignite us once again.

Cheers to all! Until next time, thanks for a wonderful meeting!



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  1. So glad you picked THAT picture of the stormtroopers to display, Robert. Yes, a real pleasure and honour to meet you. Hope to do it again.

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  2. It was a great week 🙂


  3. Danielle Chason

    An amazing experience as a first timer. It was wonderful to see the sense of family that exists. I met so many great people and am excited to share all I have learned with our practice!


  4. It WAS a great time! Wonderful to see all of you in person instead of in print on the blog!


  5. Robert,
    Very nice and I am glad that the meeting went so well.
    Gary J. Williams, OD


  6. jzwillingcovt

    Not sure how I missed this one! Nice pictures! 48 hours in Vegas and everything outside of the meeting was like stepping through a portal into some wacky alternate universe….. Kudos to you & Tom on a well done VT 101 presentation. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year 🙂

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