Another Victory for Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

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Neuro-Optometry was well-represented at the Annual Meeting of the New Jersey Brain Injury Alliance held on Thursday in Eatontown, NJ.  The keynote speaker was our buddy Cavin Balaster, pictured here with me, Robert Nurisio, COVT, and Rebecca Tylor.


Cavin did a wonderful job from the podium, as usual, and exhibited grace and humor under trying circumstances with A/V hotel glitches delaying the start of his presentation.  He is an incredible champion for the role of vision therapy in his brain injury rehabilitation process.


Cavin distributed cards for his website, Adventuresinbraininjury, which is an incredibly good resource.  I was touched that Cavin had a quote from me on the back of his card as a testament to how remarkably resilient he is.


Helping spread the word about neuro-optometric rehabilitation through one of the many table demonstration areas at the meeting were Drs. Bruce Meyer and Moshe Roth.


Rob Franks

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