the sun is out…finally!!

To say that this has been an interesting week would probably be something close to a monumental understatement.  Much of my ‘business as usual’ has taken a backseat to maneuvering around the incredibly wicked weather pattern Texas has endured these last 10 days. Rivers overflowing, lighting striking people’s homes, houses actually being swept off their foundations by flood waters, and people losing their lives, all caused by one of the worst line of storms Texas has seen in a long, long time.  To put it in perspective, ten days ago Texas was suffering from a 7-year drought and our drinking reservoirs contained less than 20% their total capacity. There was actually concern being raised that the supply would dry up by the end of 2016.  After the torrential rain we’ve been having, reports are that they’re at 80% capacity, and still rising.  It has been a fairly dramatic reversal in less than two weeks.

As much as I’d like to report the opposite, I can tell you that these storms have taken a toll on me.  It has been difficult to remain focused on my work, my blog, and my other commitments when being bombarded with news reports day after day of people in my city, and neighboring cities and towns, losing their homes to flooding and losing their lives.  One of the scariest moments for our staff was when we discovered, in the most unnerving way possible, that the town our office is in has its own tornado siren.  As much as we are thankful for its presence, hearing it go off (in combination with the simultaneous reverse 911 phone calls) was rattling, to say the least. It’s probably one of the few moments in my entire VT career that VT became unimportant. The silver lining to my little cloud (pun fully intended) is that everyone in my circle is fine; family, friends, co-workers, and patients alike.  For that, we are all grateful.

There’s an old saying that states if ‘you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life’.  Well, I do love my work, and helping people to change their lives from the status quo to something better has rewards far beyond a paycheck. That, in and of itself, is motivation to get up every morning. This week’s events have helped me to realize another fact too. It’s a bad idea to take the status quo for granted, because sadly, things could always be worse.  As we’ve seen this week, things can go very wrong and very fast.

I know tomorrow is Monday, but I’m looking forward to work tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to things getting back to normal this week.  Vision Therapy has been on my back-burner the last 10 days and it’s time for it to be front and center again.

Please keep those affected by these incredible storms in your thoughts and prayers.

Happy Sunday 🙂


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  1. I see nothing but sun on the radar for the week:-) It’s going to be a great week in TX!


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