The Dreams Will Come To You

Every once in a while, someone will ask me what it takes to become a great Vision Therapist.  The question always makes me a bit uncomfortable, because in many ways, I’m still searching for the recipe myself.  Beyond the common superlatives like friendly, kind, and caring, there is a deeper understanding of what others need, and how a great therapist might show the avenues which help their patients satisfy their needs.  Great Vision Therapists have a mindset, an attitude, and dare I say a swagger, that just sets them apart.  It’s not a position of arrogance in the slightest; rather, an understanding of what is required of them in doing their job well.  They also, on some innate, subconscious, and perhaps even chemical level, just grasp and how to carry themselves in their personal and professional endeavours to remain the beacon of light that those around them need.


One reminder of how impactful this attitude and mindset can be is “The Last Lecture“, as delivered by Randy Pausch Ph.D., at Carnegie Melon University during Pausch’s last year of life.  Pausch, who died in 2008 at the age of 47 from Pancreatic Cancer, demonstrates in his lecture the power of becoming a positive force for your own peace of mind and for the benefit of those around you.  The original lecture is just shy of two hours, and if you ever have the time, I highly recommend watching it.  I revisit it about once a year for inspiration, for motivation, to remind myself what is really important in my life, and to remember how important it is to be positive for my patients.

During one of his last public appearances before his own death, Pausch reprised his lecture into a short 10-minute clip during an appearance on Oprah.  Although his topic was more about enjoying life and accomplishing goals, he unknowingly – and quite perfectly – describes the qualities needed to become a great Vision Therapist.

Please take 10 minutes to enjoy this clip!


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  1. This is a nice reminder. Thank you.


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