Sunday Morning Silliness…

Forgive me.  Not every post can be serious.

We all have weird and irrational concerns. So if you’re sitting at home, staring at the TV, wallowing in the fear that no one will ever poke fun at those silly “when you see it” pictures, well, then this post is for you.  You’re welcome.

If you asked me – and clearly, no one ever  has – whomever first came up with these  “when you see it” pictures probably did not realize how much of a phenomenon they would become.  Besides, capturing a creepy backgrounds or awkward poses on film simply is not that easy.

Believe me, I’ve tried.  When things get boring around my house, we play with cameras and suggestive poses.

(Wait…I meant Yoga)

In reality, even when we don’t want it to, film catches us in a split second of our glory (aka horrific-ness) which will be commemorated (aka laughed at) by our friends (aka soon-to-be enemies) at every beer joint, birthday party, and bah-mitzvah from now until SPAM gets its own food group. Need proof? Enter into evidence my high-school senior yearbook photo as Exhibit G – for gross – as a perfect case in point. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s worse than ANY Driver’s License picture you’ve ever taken. Ever!  And don’t scoff at my self-criticism. I’d sooner give up my pants than show you that picture.

My guess is that the first “when you see it” picture probably went something like this:  “I cannot believe grandma is… Do you think she did that on purpose? Quick, hide the picture. Mom’s here!”

Three hours pass…

“Mom’s asleep. Let’s put that picture of grandma on the internet!”

One of those moments.

So, while I continue in my hope that the originator didn’t actually intend to take a creepy picture, obviously there are people in the world with different interests than my own, and might even find pleasure in such events.

“Hey Steve, are you busy tonight? How about a photo session?”

Long awkward pause.

Never mind, that didn’t really happen.

Anyway, the good news for all of us is that some of the “when you see it” pictures can be fun, to the point of being downright laughable. And some, well, they’re just scary.

Figure Ground

In case you cannot spot him, there’s a man with a REALLY big gun in the top right corner

sniperNote to self: Think twice before playing Tarzan on the rocks.

But alas, a few of us actually find the fun in such things. So why not dress in ridiculous fashion and sneak up behind a random bride and groom for a photobomb – permanently becoming part of their special day commemoration.

wusi waldoAin’t nobody got time for that.

madAdmittedly, some photobombs are funny!

hilarious-baby-photobomb3animal_photobombs_22funny-animal-photobombs-1__8802607040_be5040eefunny-photobombs-3One of my adult patients recently brought in the above photo and asked me if those “when you see it” pictures would help her with Visual Discrimination?

“Ummm…sure”, was my best response. “As long as you’re not the one sitting at home playing with cameras and suggestive poses. Wait, did I just say that?”

Yeah, that happened.

(Hopefully, she’s into Yoga.)

Happy Sunday! 🙂


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