my kind of crazy…

As the old adage suggests, we should all stop to smell the roses.  Even Mac Davis said so in his 1974 hit entitled (wait for it…) “Stop and Smell the Roses”.  If this comes as any bit of a surprise to you, (and I really hope it does because, you know, it’s Mac Davis) be sure to get in touch with my mother because I’m fairly certain she still has most of his songs on vinyl. And the answer to your question is yes, hip in my house peaked with Rick Dees and the “Disco Duck”.

Think about that one. It will come to you.

Stopping for anything, or at least slowing down for something, is not exactly a skill that most humans possess; in particular, THIS human. To say that I’ve been burning the candle at both ends these last few months would be equivalent to suggesting Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was a cute little sing-along tune.  Opening a satellite office, mountains of paperwork, hiring and training new staff, mountains of paperwork, mentoring new COVT candidates, mountains of paperwork, co-writing a new curriculum, traveling here and there for training…and did I mention the paperwork? Life has been busy and something had to give. With that, I set blogging aside for a bit both because I couldn’t give it the quality thought I always try to represent, and because usually the three brain cells still firing when I got home most nights only allowed me two tasks – eating and sleeping – and not always in that order.  Stepping back also helped me to realize what an interesting phenomenon blogging can be.  Write a lot; people notice. Stir the pot; people notice.  Disappear for a while, and guess what? People notice.   And as with most activities we find pleasure in, blogging is always waiting for me when I’m ready to pick it up again, which is great news. So with that, here’s a small window into my current VT life…

One of my most beloved patients came in today with his usual razor sharp sense of humor, and a knack for describing any untimely odor he encounters.  Get the picture? Or should I say, catch my drift? He’s silly, handsome, loves to giggle, and is just as happy being the subject of a practical joke as he is playing one on anyone he feels will fall for it.  The youngest of three boys, he has learned that crying gets him nowhere, pranks on his mom are not a good idea, things are always funniest when you’re not supposed to laugh, and his Vision Therapists love him dearly.  He’s exactly three months younger than my son and although they’ve never met, they’re two peas in a pod, which is probably why I like him so much. We started his Vision Therapy about three years ago, and after nine or ten months, decided to take a break. He was six years old at the time and struggling to reap the benefits, so mom and our doctor decided on a six month hiatus, which lasted over two years. It happens. Now nine years old, and soon to be ten, his maturity and awareness have developed, and his progress has been something beyond amazing. Also amazing (or the whatever the opposite of amazing is) is his vocabulary when discussing bodily functions. Yikes! 😛

He will be graduating very soon, and having the incredible heart that he does, was perhaps today feeling a bit nostalgic. As he was leaving, he asked me what I like most about him, and I have to admit, I could not hold back a smile.  “I like everything about you!”

“Some of my friends think I’m crazy”, he shared with a big smile. “What do you think?”

My response: “Well if you are, you’re my kind of crazy”.

Laughter erupted.

Pretty sure I’ve made a friend for life.



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  1. Robert,
    I had asked Karen about you. I am glad that you are back and for the reasons you were “gone”.


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