the power of one…

People will sometimes ask me how topics are chosen for my blog; or more specifically, why I choose to write about the interactions with patients and connections with families rather than more of the technical jargon of how activities are done.  The truth is that my interests seem to ebb and flow, and at times I’m in the “how VT works” mindset, and at other times, the relationships sit center stage.  Some of my most favorite patients, and some of the most powerful stories to ever come out of my VT rooms, have had less to do with the actual activities and so much more to do with the personal connection created between therapist and patient. For my money, the best gift we can ever offer our patients is showing them we care, showing them that we believe in them, and offering them the opportunity to take a risk without fear of our passing judgement on success or failure. Usually, the best VT success stories include a moment where the therapist simply says “I believe in you” to their patient. You have no idea how much this one simple statement can lift up a defeated child.

As I was trolling Facebook last night, I came across this video.  Without spoiling it, I’m encouraging everyone to take the 16 minutes and listen to this man’s message. He is living proof of what can occur when one person believes in a child when it seems no one else is interested. If only all kids had a Rodney in their lives.

A great thanks to my dear friend, Jessi Stevenson, for sharing this video.


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  1. Here’s to many more years of ebbing and flowing, Robert. You do it well!


  2. Gary J. Williams, OD

    I would hope that as therapists and doctors we are people-oriented while we need to be well-versed in what we are doing at the same time. If you have read “When Breath Becomes Air”, the author also struggles with where truth and help lie; in literature or in helping people by understanding the function of the brain and neurosurgery. You strike a wonderful balance.


  3. Dawn Zinniel, COVT

    Thank you for sharing this Robert.


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