Revisiting BOP and BIM – Part 5: End of the Road

Vision Therapy is capable of rebuilding many relationships, none quite as important as the relationship between a child and the love of learning. No matter which path we choose, or which model of treatment we subscribe to, our ultimate goal in Developmental Optometry remains universal: We want to help.

Building degrees of freedom between vergence and accommodation enables our patients to use their eyes as they were intended, as windows to the world – the world up close, the world in the distance, and all points in between.  It certainly is not the only process strengthened and enhanced by Vision Therapy, but remains high on the list of importance.  Work accommodation, work binocularity, and work that central peripheral integration.  The impact of building this flexibility in these systems will reach far beyond their mechanisms, as our patients rediscover the wonders and joys of reading, learning, and life.

It’s quite understandable that the relationship between vergence and accommodation are a challenging topic for some to grasp, not to mention assist with in their VT room, or even to explain during an examination.  As we work with our patients, listen to their answers and ask yourself: Is this a challenge with vergence or accommodation…or both? If you’re not sure, work them both.

Cheers! 🙂


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  1. Very nice series


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