My Next Step!

For a little more than four years now, I have been writing in this blog. My goal, initially, was fairly moderate; I needed an outlet for my ideas and had hoped a few people would read them.  In fact, a month after starting, less than 10 people were actually following, and that was fine with me. Slowly but surely, things grew and dare I say, people became interested.  We shared ideas on activities, on patients, and even shared the lives of many wonderful folks through my two-year-long Sit Down series. Since I began writing, I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself, about my readers, and the people from all walks of life who find something interesting in smallest details. Blogging has been good for me, and I hope somehow, I’ve been good for it.  Sometimes I’ll receive comments and questions about a post I wrote in the first year or two, and I think to myself “Wow! Someone actually went that far back!”  It’s very gratifying!

As the landscape of my life continues to change, so too does my desire to grow, to evolve, and the share my experiences.  In a lot of ways, this blog pushed me out of a comfort zone, forcing me to share ideas, thoughts, and emotions about my VT room which otherwise would have disappeared into the wind. I’ve always been someone to seek the next challenge, the next step, or the next obstacle.  I’ve always had a dream of taking the next step, so here goes…

With those feelings in my heart, I’m here to share with you I’ve decided to write a book, entitled Vision Therapy: Insight Out  My book will offer parents, as well as current and potential patients, a window into how Vision Therapy looks from my side of the table. Planned chapters include helping new and current patients understand what to expect from Vision Therapy start to finish, an in-depth explanation on how to become a Vision Therapy success, suggestions for making Vision Therapy a priority over extra-curriculars, ideas for managing the constant drumbeat of those detractors, some of my favorite experiences in the therapy room, and so much more! While written as a complete project, this book will also be arranged as a quick reference guide to parents and patients alike as they navigate the waters of choosing what is the best course of treatment for themselves or their children. Vision Therapy is magnificent, and it’s benefits far reaching.  The more we work to demystify and educate, the more powerful our message becomes. See the world of Vision Therapy through my eyes; the pinnacles, the pitfalls, and the potential to change a life! By sharing my perspective, my understandings, and my experiences in the Vision Therapy room, I hope to contribute to that positive message!

To help get this show on the road, I’ve begun a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this dream of mine, and that is where you come in!  Anything you can do to help give me a boost would be greatly appreciated! If you or your office can donate, great!  If you’re willing to share this campaign with several people, that works well, too.  If the best you can offer is wishing me well on my journey, it’s greatly appreciated.  I will take all the help I can get! Click the link to get started!

Get more information here!

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  1. Robert,
    What a great idea! Here’s wishing you all the best in your new endeavor! You’re a great inspiration and I can’t wait to see your next success!


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