No One Fights Alone…

There are some people who will never ask for help; it’s just not in their genetic makeup. My Vision Therapist friend Robin Vreeland has always been one of those people. She is strong, proud, determined, and through her entire ordeal with colon cancer, has complained very little. She rolls with every punch, jumps every hurdle, and manages every detour on this journey of terminal cancer. It’s just her way.

For those of you who have not yet heard, last week Robin had a fairly serious setback in her fight against cancer. She is currently in a Critical Care Unit in South Carolina under heavy sedation. Her family members, who remain steadfast in their around the clock support of her fight, have been by her side since the moment she was admitted. This has required them to miss work, to jump through financial hoops, and to make sacrifices, all in the name of supporting Robin.

Sometime in the last few days, one of Robin’s friends started a fundraiser to assist Robin’s family during this difficult time. I’ve seen the Vision Therapy community come together beautifully in previous situations such as these and my hope is such an effort can be repeated for this wonderful lady. Please consider contributing to their effort here.


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