Happy Left Handers’ Day!

My mom is a lefty. My sister is a lefty. My daughter is a lefty. My former boss is a lefty. Together, I’m sure they’re conspiring to celebrate National Left Handers today – and every August 13. Lucky them. These people in my life are also quick to point out three of our previous four presidents have been lefties and some of the greatest baseball players of all time have been left-handed. A few of them – ok, it’s my daughter – would have you thinking they are somehow disadvantaged in this right-handers world.

I’ve convinced them otherwise.  You’re welcome.

My 16 year old daughter, whom I completely adore, recently graced my inbox with this article which cleverly details 18 disadvantages to being left handed. To humor my young padawan, I clicked on her link with my right index finger quickly, effortlessly, and shamelessly. It was fairly simple.  I’d do it again. Aiming straight for my jugular in this matter, she is quick to point out Oprah Winfrey is left-handed, so were Sandy Koufax and Jimmy Hendrix, which in her world apparently counts for something. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to instigate a little teenage angst, my quick retort pointed out Jack The Ripper was also a southpaw.

Cue the teenage eye roll. Conversation over.

In all seriousness, Vision Therapy does help to address the understanding of left and right, both on the patient’s body and out in the world.  A parent recently asked me why we are doing all this “on the floor stuff”, which opened the door to many other questions and discoveries and led straight to a conversation about left and right awareness. It also led me to a wonderful conversation about working a ground-up approach.  Always good to capitalize on an opportunity to educate!





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  1. Thank you for this (as a meant to be left handed person forced to be right handed via an oven mitt and Catholic School Nuns) I salute you! (with my left hand of course!)

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  2. My mom promised me a Mont Blanc fountain pen (which I coveted) and at that time cost $5.00 (much more than I could ever hope to buy with my allowance.) I tried very hard, but no go. We are Italian. In Italian the word for “left” is “sinistro” (like in “sinister”) so my mom was adamant.

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