a standing ovation…

For those of you out there who have followed Cavin Balaster’s story and are curious how his presentation at the NORA conference was received this weekend…

…the title says it all.

Cavin Nametag

In mingling afterwards, some of the comments shared with me were:

“the best TBI survivor presentation in a long time…”

“unbelievably good. I wish we could hear it again…”

“a phenomenal person presenting a powerful story…” 

“his collection of humor about himself and his information about his path are incredibly powerful…”

Cavin Cert

Cavin’s message and mission are very powerful and he is quickly becoming a force of nature in the Neuro-Rehabilitative community.   Although I had heard Cavin’s presentation a few times recently as part of his “practice audience”, it still gave me chills when he concluded by introducing his mom and Dr. Denise Smith at the end of his presentation. It really was a great moment.

It truly has been my pleasure to meet both Cavin and his mother and to now call them both my friends. In that spirit, I’d like to close this post by extending Cavin’s “shameless plug” and ask anyone who has not yet visited Cavin’s website or contributed to his cause, to please consider doing both.

For those interested, video of Cavin’s presentation is available through NORA.


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  1. I am not attending NORA, but my husband Bob confirms Robert’s account of the presentation. We are going to try to purchase a video. As a TBI survivor himself, Bob felt the power of Cavin’s message. I am grateful that Cavin’s courage allowed him to give this gift to the optometric community.


  2. Len Press shared his story with us through his blog, we are fortunate he did as he was more than great, it was an unbelievable journey he shared with us all. So glad we had the opportunity to be enlightened to the effects of the rehabilitation process!!


  3. I am so unbelievably proud of Cavin, not only for the phenomenal job he did on his presentation but mostly for all the hardwork he has done to get here and his dedication to helping others. He should be an inspiration to us all and I’m so happy I could be a part of his journey. I feel like a proud mom!!


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